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Halftime - Have you achieved success—only to find that something is missing? If so, you may be ready to begin the most exciting journey of your life—the journey from success to significance. It’s commonly called Halftime. Halftime is a season of life that offers the opportunity to look back on what you’ve accomplished, understand who you are, and then redirect your time and talent for an even more purposeful second half.
Harvest Evangelism - We are an inter-denominational ministry committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19,20). The Harvest team, led by founder and president Ed Silvoso, is dedicated to serving the entire Body of Christ around the globe while instilling vision for city, regional and nation-wide transformation.
International Christian Chamber of Commerce - Releasing business people into the walk of God's Kingdom; helping release the anointing into their respective businesses, and redeeming businesses, business people and finances through the outward manifestation of an inward walk of faith.
Maestro Worklife Coaching - A church-centric ministry called alongside to serve and empower the local church, a great “co-mission” equipping people for effective worklife impact.
Marketplace Leaders - Os Hillman - Marketplace Leaders exists to help men and women discover and fulfill God's unique and complete purposes through their workplace calling.
Mentors and Business Coaches International (MBCI) - MBCI is a worldwide network of experienced, accredited professionals, carefully selected and trained. We deliver solutions to organisations and individuals by providing facilitation, mentoring and coaching, enabling them to reach their God given potential in leadership and prosperity.
NMB: Transformation Christian Network - Transformation Christian Network is a bible-based "prayer and mission initiative linking leaders in social transformation and moral regeneration."
Partnership Ministries - Our Purpose is to promote transformation of communities, cities, and nations.
Proverbs for Business - Since 1998 Marr has offered advice through his feature "Business Proverbs," which can be accessed on this website.
St Nicholas Anglican Church - Worklife Ministry - We believe God has designed work so that we do it together with Him. St Nicholas @ Work, in partnership with Maestro Worklife Coaching, seeks to provide tools and encouragement in this area.
The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity - If you want to make a difference in the world, then LICC is here to help you. We work to equip Christians to engage biblically and relevantly with the issues they face, including Work, Capitalism, Youth Culture, Media and Communication - helping you to make a difference, where you are.
The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber - The Nelson Mandela Bay Business Chamber was established in 1994 with a view to fostering, encouraging, promoting, protecting, developing and establishing commercial and industrial enterprises within the Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage Metropole (now Nelson Mandela Bay).

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