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Mike Smith

Welcome to my website!

Vision, Mission and Statement of Faith

To be about my Father’s business and to encourage others to do likewise.  Read more ....

My Testimony

I, Mike Smith, am married to Glynn and we have three adult children, Keri, a nursing sister, Simone, a teacher and David, an accountant. All three are married. Simone and Rob, her husband, have blessed us with two grandchildren. Keri gave birth to our third grandchild, Sofia Grace on 25 July 2011 and is currently expecting our fourth, a girl to be named Bethany Hope, due on 16 July 2013. Her husband, Ignatius (Natio) Meyer is a very proud "Pa". David and Lisa hope to add to that number in the near future. I was brought up in a church going family, who, in hindsight, knew about GOD but did not know GOD.  Read more ....

Mike Smith's CV

Born in Johannesburg on 5 September 1946. Schooled in Klerksdorp.  Married, with three adult children, two girls and a boy. One nurse, one teacher and one accountant.  Read more .... 

Workplace Ministry

Purpose: Break down the wall of "secular versus sacred".  Help businesspeople see their work as their calling and ministry.  Engage more workplace Christians in the "work of the ministry."  Bring Christ-honoring revival to the workplace.  See God's power manifested in the workplace.  Read more .... 

Product Offering to Business

Non-financial managers often feel frustrated because they do not understand the language of business.  Many managers, at one time or another, who do not have a financial background, experience difficulty in coming to grips with the financial aspects of a business problem, or in communicating with financial people like accountants. In addition it is difficult for managers to manage costs if they do not understand exactly what costs are, how they behave and how they have been allocated.  Read more ....


Today God is First

TGIF - Daily Workplace Inspiration by Os Hillman

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     Member: MD Smith CA(SA) 

I   m u s t   b e   a b o u t   m y   F a t h e r ' s   b u s i n e s s
L U K E   2 : 4 9


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